Yeoman is a fairly recent project for me.  The Original idea strolled into my head a few years back, maybe as far back as early 2009, but other things kept happening that got in the way of me working on this.


Then with Kora finally done for Aces Weekly, I was thinking about what to do next.  As Yeoman was the least developed of potential ideas, it was at the bottom of the pile...


As I couldn't decide which of the two stories that I felt fitted the format of Aces Weekly  to do, I developed them in tandem, with the idea being that I will see which one comes together first, and then do that.


Weirdly enough they ended up tying for first place so I mentally flipped a coin and picked one.  And in that moment the small piece of story that I was missing for Yeoman popped into my head, so I thought I'd then see how that went.


It ended up being the shorter of the three projects, Yeoman was the winner!


The reason for the length of the stories was important  was that I intended to create this completely digitally (as oppose to the initial line work being in the usual  Pencil/Paper/Brush that I usually do.) and I wanted a quick escape route if I needed to redraw it , there wouldn't be too much to do.  However, I persevered  and this is the result.


There's still a couple of things that I'm working on "traditionally" but I feel that once they are complete, I will convert completely to digital .  Welcome to the future!!


I do have a few more ideas for Yeoman, so if it goes well, I expect to do this every alternate project that I do for a while.  (Unless of course it's a huge runaway success and the world demands that I do more immediately! never know...)