3000 years in the making!!


Well almost...


Started this mid/late 2014, finished late 2016 and has finally been released January 2019.


Conceived by Terry Jervis, and developed into a Screenplay by Simon Furman.  Spirit was adapted into four separate volumes by myself and once it was complete, it was decided to publish in one volume.


At the moment it's available on the Spirit of the Pharaoh website (link in the logo above) and at the various events and signings that will be attended between now and the end of time!!


It's not the official Logo as I don't have access to that image. This is one that I used when creating mock drafts of the book during the design process.



Also, as I'm not featured on the site, so I'd thought I'd add a few images here.  Hopefully enough to give a flavour, but not giving too much away.