April  2019.

Death makes a surprise visit to the latest volume of Aces Weekly.  "Young Reaper" wasn't due for later this year, but is now a last minute replacement in Volume 39.

Chris Geary




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As with all previous volumes, you can subscribe weekly via the link or at  www.acesweekly.co.uk.  Or wait for seven weeks until it finishes and grab the digital trade.

May onwards...

I've got a few Spirit of the Pharaoh and non Spirit of the Pharaoh events coming up this year.  Only Thought Bubble is confirmed at this point, but hopefully should know more info soon as there are two pencilled in for May, and that's in a few days...

Events - 2019

Mini Event Update!


Possible signing at Forbidden Signing on 11th May.  Yet to be 100% confirmed.  Hopefully I'll know before the day...


A bit more certain about attending MCM London on the last weekend of May.  What better way to spend a bank holiday?


Just confirmed for Thought Bubble in November.  Will give more detail nearer the time.


Also, I'm sort of pencilled in to be at LFCC with the Cartoon Museum at the end of July.  Help out at the table and possible doing a workshop or two.  Once that's been confirmed, I'll put full details on here.

February  2019.

From Monday 18th February "Serraq" makes her debut in Volume 38 of Aces Weekly.  A whole volume earlier than previously advertised.

As with Yeoman, don't want to give too much away here, so just showing the intro box that will be before each chapter.  If you subscribe, then you'll see it each week, or wait until it's run it's course, and then get the whole of Volume 38 as a digital trade.  As the weeks go on I'll post a few pages of Pencils, etc.


Link to the Aces Weekly website, or go to www.acesweekly.co.uk for more information.

January 2019.

Happy New Year!   I can finally post information about my next project due for release.  But don't let me go on about it, here's an official press release...

Press Release


The Official  SPIRIT OF THE PHARAOH Exclusive Private Preview

Presented by: The British Film Institute & Jervis Entertainment Media Ltd

Date: Thursday 31st January 2019         Time: 6pm – 9.30pm

Venue Address: British Film Institute (BFI) Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XT

Website: www.SpiritOfThePharaoh.com


The Story: Two warring spirits are loose on the world after a tomb is un-earthed: Seth, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, and King Ra’Mun, a pharaoh sworn to protect his people and reunite with his long-lost love Queen Neferkari. When Seth forms an unholy alliance with a billionaire arms dealer who wants the secret of ‘after-life’ - an ability to live forever, it is up to Ra-Mun – with the help of a young couple, Raymond and Marie – to defeat the god of chaos once and for all.


“An amazing adventure across time and insight into the human condition.” Sir Geoffrey Pattie – author and former Under Secretary of State for Defence (Royal Air Force)


“A fully-fledged heroic feature-film in a book. A classic good versus evil story and a reflection on the modern world.” David Sloane – Children in Need Organisation


You are invited to hear author Terry Jervis, media entrepreneur, film-maker, music & TV producer, and the creator of the amazing new novel and graphic novel Spirit of the Pharaoh. Join the talk about his latest adventure project with a preview and showcase of the ‘script to screen’ process for the forthcoming TV series and film – a new opportunity for entry into the movie business and shattering the closed doors!


Celebrity guests, film and comic book panellists for Spirit of the Pharaoh including co-author Simon Furman (writer for Transformers, Dr Who, DreamWorks, Titan and Marvel), Producer Peter Griffiths from M2 Entertainment (makers of Lego Nexo Knights TV series), artist Chris Geary and more…


Special appearance from the USA by Patti Austin – legendary soul, r&b and jazz artist, god-daughter and vocal arranger of Quincy Jones. Ms. Austin will launch her theme song Hope Has Arrived from the music soundtrack of the graphic novel and film.


Special Gold and Diamond Presentation...


A rare showcase of four artefacts of breath-taking hand-crafted jewellery made for the movie by Gladman & Norman and Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd Royal Warrant Holder and Medallist to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll as part of the storytelling for the evening by Phil McDermott.


Limited Edition – ‘script to screen’ graphic novel and novel available for purchase on the night signed by the creator and author.


Contact: DDPR / t: 0203 637 8709 / m: 07599 150 087

Insta:  @dianadahliapr


FB @dianadahliapublicrelations  Twitter @dianadahliapr

There's a link to the book's website on the above logo.  It's not the official Logo as I don't have access to that image. This is one that I used when creating mock drafts of the book during the design process.


Also, I'm not featured on the site, so I'd thought I'd add a few images here.  Hopefully enough to give a flavour, but not giving too much away.


Use the contact information above for details on how to attend.  Hopefully see some of you there.


The Book itself is available at the moment via the website and will be stocked in Forbidden Planet from February 1st.


It will available digitally on Comixology from January 30th.  I assume on Kindle as well, but not sure at the moment.  Once I have conformation either way, I'll will let you know.


...looks like it will be Volume 39 of Aces Weekly beginning in March.  I'll update when I have more concrete information.






June 2018.

From Monday, June 11th "Yeoman" will be appearing in the recent volume of Aces Weekly

Don't want to give too much away here, so you'll just have to subscribe, or wait 7 weeks and get the whole strip, along with 6 others from the various creators, as a digital trade paperback.


Link to the Aces Weekly website, or go to www.acesweekly.co.uk for more information.


I'm also on the verge if being able to officially announce my next launch, but can't really say anything at the moment.

Hoping to release it at the end of July, so less vague news should follow soon...

October 2017.

Sorry for the stupidly long time between updates, but it's been a bit of a strange year in regard to projects, and there is a big project that has been due for release "any time soon" so I've been waiting to announce that.


But as it's still in that status, I can't formally announce it.


However, all is not lost...


As from October 2nd, Kora will be returning to Aces Weekly with Volume 30.  This continues from her last outing in Volume 14.  Link to the site to subscribe to Volume 30 onwards if you haven't already.  All previous Volumes are available as back issues on the site and up to Volume 15 are available on Comixology.

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