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Don't want to give too much away here, so you'll just have to subscribe, or wait 7 weeks and get the whole strip, along with 6 others from the various creators, as a digital trade paperback.


Link to the Aces Weekly website, or go to for more information.


I'm also on the verge if being able to officially announce my next launch, but can't really say anything at the moment.

Hoping to release it at the end of July, so less vague news should follow soon...

June 2018.

From Monday, June 11th "Yeoman" will be appearing in the recent volume of Aces Weekly

Thought Bubble in Leeds is  the only Convention I'll be attending this year.  (so far...)


Clink Image below to be taken to their website for more information.

October 2017.

Sorry for the stupidly long time between updates, but it's been a bit of a strange year in regard to projects, and there is a big project that has been due for release "any time soon" so I've been waiting to announce that.


But as it's still in that status, I can't formally announce it.


However, all is not lost...


As from October 2nd, Kora will be returning to Aces Weekly with Volume 30.  This continues from her last outing in Volume 14.  Link to the site to subscribe to Volume 30 onwards if you haven't already.  All previous Volumes are available as back issues on the site and up to Volume 15 are available on Comixology.

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