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8th October 2014

Also in recent news, Aces Weekly, Volume 12, Week 3 contains a short interlude of Kora's adventure.  The story then continues in Volume 13 on sale mid/late October.  I will update nearer the time.

Link to the main Aces Weekly site for current subscriptions and previous volumes. (especially Volumes 6 and 9)

3rd June 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!   Kora, a character from a few years back, has found a new home within the digital pages of Aces Weekly.  The original short is included in Week 7 of Volume 10 (out this week) and then the rest of her adventures continue in Volume 11 and possibly Volume 12.

Link to the main Aces Weekly site for current subscriptions and previous volumes. (especially Volumes 6 and 9)

25th April 2014

Just confirmed that I will be appearing at the inaugural Leicester Comic Con taking place on 21st June (2014).  Details to be found here

30th March 2014

Sketches from another Des Taylor Life Drawing Master Class added

to the Sketchbook section.

Also, Part 7 of "The Ballad of Cuthbert and Kaye" is released through

Aces Weekly.

17th Feb 2014

Aces Weekly Volume 9 is out and about.


Here's an advance preview from the great people at Pipedream Comics.

Link to the main Aces Weekly site for subscriptions and previous volumes. (especially Volume 6)

26th Jan 2014

UPDATE - Bits and Pieces.  Marvel Submissions Pt 2.

17th Jan 2014


Aces Weekly - Digital Comic of the Year.


Pipedream Comics took a poll, and Aces Weekly came out on top.  Click on the badge below to through to the full article.


Jan 2014 Update


Volume 6 is now available to buy as a complete volume.  Try it out, and subscribe if you like.  I will also have another story in an upcoming volume.  More details to follow...


8th November 2013

Team Commitment won "Most Valuable Agile Innovation " at the 2013 Agile Awards.  Click on the badge above to go to the winners page and see the handsome trio clutching said awards. Click on the photo to see a bigger version of my personal award.


13th August 2013



Starting this week the story of Bleriot, the pioneering French Pilot will be featured in Aces Weekly, the digital only anthology comic that is published by David Lloyd.


It will run for the next 7 weeks and is available via a subscription to the site.


There is a brief introduction to the project on the website, as well as a link to the Aces Weekly subscription page.


Eastbourne Airshow 2013


Also this week team InkShot will be attending the Eastbourne Air Show.  Copies of International Aces will be available for sale.  I'll be there sketching on all four days and to sign any copies bought on site.

Geekfest 2013


Spent most of the weekend at the Nine Worlds Geekfest.  Quite a bit of fun, and got the opportunity to talk on a few panels about both International Aces and Commitment.


A short interview conducted by Alex Fitch for the Panel Borders Podcast will be released in a few weeks.  But before then I'll be at the Caption Small Press expo in Oxford over the Bank Holiday weekend so no doubt there will be other interviews and panels recorded then.


Will update when I have more information.

Updated Bits and Pieces.


The recently unearthed batch of submissions that I sent off to Marvel during part of 2001 have been uploaded to the Bits and Pieces section of the site.


I've split it into two sections.


Part Two coming soon.

4th May 2013


Two new film reviews on the Blog page.  Iron Man 3 and Marebito.



6th April 2013


New additions to the Sketchbook - Life drawing at Orbital Comics.



January 2013


Welcome to my website.


As the name implies, this page will be the central Hub of the site. As well as my Twitter feeds, this will also feature a snapshot of any updates with links to the complete versions on their own pages.


Keep checking back with regular updates on, The International Aces series of Graphic Novels, the Commitment Graphic Novel and whatever else will be happening in the future.


Click on any thumbnails in the various sections to get a closer look at anything.  The black bars on the side navigate to the next image.


The site is in a bit of testing mode at the moment, so there will be plenty of tweaks in the next few weeks.