December 2014.

I'll be speaking at Laydeez do Comics on Monday 15th December.  It will be a quick overview of my work so far and possibly a thing or two about a few upcoming projects.


Follow the link below to go their site for more information.

Meanwhile Update>


Meanwhile is now included in December's Previews, meaning it will be for sale in Comic Shops around the world in February.  Don't have the exact date at the moment, will update with information when I do.

30th October 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!   Meanwhile, the new Anthology from Soaring Penguin Press is out now.  As well as yours truly, being represented with Melody Baker, there is a selection of great stories by some great people, including the return of Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millage and Bad,

Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford.


Click on the cover  below to whizz on over to the Soaring Penguin website and get on the ground floor on a new Golden Age of Comics!

Kora continues in Volume 13 of Aces Weekly.  A few surprise lay ahead for the Universe's most feisty adventurer.

Link to the main Aces Weekly site for current subscriptions and previous volumes. (especially Volumes 6 and 9)

17th October 2014

Update.  I'll be attending the London Film & Comic Con this weekend in Earl's Court as part of the Aces Weekly contingent.  Along with the rest of the group I'll be working on exclusive sketch cards for the various volumes which I am part of.


I will have copies of International Aces for sale at a special show price.


The online shop has now closed, but tickets are available at the door.  Come early as there are usually crowds.  Bring sandwiches and possibly an umbrella.  Click image below to go straight to the site for venue information, etc.

After being broadcast last week on Resonance FM,  the full version of my interview with Alex Fitch from last year's Nine World's GeekFest is now available as a podcast.  Click below to be taken to the page at Panel Borders to get it in whatever format you prefer.

8th October 2014

BREAKING NEWS!!   InkShorts Volume 1 will be on sale on Comixology from today.

A collection of short stories, some previously published in a few Small Press comics a while back, others finished for this volume.  All strips have been coloured (with the exception of one - as it was always intended to be in Black & White)  and also includes the original version of the Melody Baker preview strip.  (More news on her story coming soon...)


From about 3pm today, (GMT) clicking on the cover will take you straight to the site, ready for purchase.

Also, while your there, have a look around at some of the other items, you might find something else that catches your eye, including the four volumes of Aces Weekly.

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