Kora has a rather long, history.  Most of which I have forgotten.  I think that I thought of the character at some point towards the end of 1994, or early '95.  Although I didn't really think of a story until some time after the summer of '95 when I was trying to come up with something to submit to DC as part of their newly formed Science Fiction line, Helix.  I couldn't really come up with anything that immediately grabbed my attention, so put it to one side.  By way of a test, and an experiment with a style different to what I was currently drawing in (and inspired by Moebius)  I decided to draw a six page story hoping that might jump start an idea.  It sort of did, but again as I wasn't grabbed, I didn't persue it any further.


The short, included below, took about 9 hours to do.  Which is not too bad, it helps not having a lot of black to fill in, but does go some way to explan the wonkiness of some of the art.  The pen I used to ink was a fairly cheap fibre tip.  I did intend to colour this, and fortunately did a test and it caused the ink to run.


The pages after that we done a few years later, this time with a more complete story in mind.  These pages were to go before the scene from the first story.  I don't know why I didn't complete this attempt, possibly something else came along.  I know that there was another attempt started very quickly after that, but I don't know why I also stopped work on that one.  I know that as I was starting again, I did a Watercolour test on the old opening page.  That is included at the end of the gallery.


The Pencilled and Inked pages below are a mixture from both attempts, that I've tried to arrange them in story order, hence the slight inconsistency between the pages.


There are some more pages floating around somewhere, but I don't know where they are.  If I do find them, I'll put them up.

Then, a few years ago I thought about working on the story again and when I was asked if I could  provide a short strip for OmniVistaScope Volume 5 I decided to do a condensed version of the first part of the story.  As I was going to use a pen that I hadn't worked with before, I did a test pin up, which is the first image as part of this gallery.


Then, when I decided to publish InkShorts, I coloured the story.  Then in May I was asked by David lloyd if I had any short stories to act as a filler in Volume 10 of Aces Weekly.  As I was going to start work on doing a long form version of the story at some point in a few future volumes of AW I sent him this to see what he thought.  He liked it so it went into that volume, with the longer version continuing in Volume 11.

Before sending the short, I intended to start the whole story from scratch (mainly so that the art was consistent) but as I was going to continue from that, I had to make a slight change so that it flowed easier.  I was also a bit of a challenge to convert a story that was to be told in a single volume into seven parts, each with a bit of a cliff hanger every three pages.  This also caused the details of the story to change, but  the main gist of the story is pretty much the same as it was originally conceived way back when.  For the complete version please go to the link on the "For Sale" page.


Weirdly enough, the second story that I planned has changed quite a bit.  That should be in a volume of Aces Weekly at some point next year.