Originally drawn in May/June '04 as a sample for 2000AD as a way to help promote the script by Eddie Robson. They took about a year to turn it down. Eddie then sent it to Dave, publisher of FutureQuake, who then wanted to use it for Issue 9 of FutureQuake (Sept '07). I said that I will redraw it as I didn't want old artwork to be printed. (Bit like George Lucas with the Original Star Wars Trilogy.) This was drawn in July '07.

Second strip for FutureQuake, drawn Sept/Oct '07. First time collaborated with Paul Scott. Published May '08.

Drawn June '08, published in Futurequake #12 (Sep '08).

Quite a bit of rewriting on this one, including making it one page longer that the original script was written as. Would've made things a little cramped. Also the first page had about twice as much text as the final version. How are people supposed to see the pretty pictures?!? ;-) Tried a new inking technique,(inspired by Walt Simonson) a bit hit and miss. Written by Tom Davies.

The original script , by Peter Kempton, required quite a bit of work in order to make it printable.

I sent the proposed changes to Dave who then forwarded them onto Peter. Peter replied that he was okay with whatever changes had to be made, and would be okay with any more that took place. Being the ego-maniacal maniac that I am, I took him at his word, did my best Orson Welles impression and made more changes. Then came up with a completely different idea but using the original concept as a springboard.

Sent both revised version and my reconfigured version to Dave. He went for my version. Peter was okay with that and when I sent him the final pages he said that I should remove his name as it's no longer his story. My response was that if he didn't write the original, then this wouldn't've existed.


This is my favourite stories written so far as it's got a lot in it and the fact that the first and last panel are linked. That's the way it should be!!


For FutureQuake #14.

My first Cover!!

Sent a few ideas to Dave for consideration, and he went with what is essentially a enlarged version of a panel from page 1 of the story.

Like that panel, this image is made up of "0's" and "1's" for the background and then "2's" were used to make up the shadow.

For a simple concept, it took a really long time to do.  Computer crashed a few times as well.  I wonder if it was trying to tell me something....