Marvel Submissions Pt 2.  Summer-Autumn 2001.

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So, after what seemed like a torturous process of sending off submissions to Scott, and then getting comments and more submissions to do, it looked like things were going to pay off.


Along with some notes regarding the last submission, I received a script to try out on.  It was for the first issue of Grant Morrison's run from the middle of 2001.  As far as I can remember, the issue itself wasn't out when I started, but it was out when I finished.  Which wasn't surprising as it took me ages to complete.  The instructions were simple, "Here is a script that the X office are using as a try out for new artists.  Pick any 4-6 page sequence and sent it in.".


There wasn't any time limit attached, but obviously my intention was to send it in as soon as possible.  I opted for a 4 page section, then decided, it should be six, then picked another sequence, then another, and I think I ended up redrawing it at least twice before sending it off.  At the moment I can only find 9 pages that I sent off.  I ended up sending two separate packages, but I can't remember what pages were in each of them.  I know I only got a response from one, and that wasn't too enthusiastic.  I have a feeling that  I didn't get a reply from the second package as it was sent around the end of September, and due to the events that happened  previously, I can understand that  people had other things on their minds.


As I had gotten previous responses within two weeks, I left it until  November before sending anything else off.  As I felt I'd mined all that I could from the X-Men script I decided to send a short based around  Ms Marvel .  I can't find the pages at the moment, but will post them when I do.


More soon...



I have a tendency to practise Inking on older pages of pencils, hence the odd section that has been Inked.  I can't find any untouched versions of the Pencils, again, when I do, I'll put them up for comparison.


On the penultimate page, the second panel was redrawn on a separate sheet, then a photocopy pasted on top.


Marvel Submissions Pt 1.  Spring - Summer 2001.

Recently unearthed the series of submissions that I sent off to Marvel during 2001.  The first sample, Electra is actually from the year before, but as I got a fair positive response from it by the Submissions Editor at the time, so it stayed in my portfolio for a while.


In March 2001, I spent about a week in Manhattan and paid a visit to the Marvel offices, as I had on a few occasions before, and asked if it was possible to leave some samples of my work with the Submissions Editor.  I was surprised to see Scott Elmer, the new Submissions Editor, come to the reception and invite me back to his office for a chat.


He looked through my portfolio, offering comments as he went along and quite liked the Spider-Man/Silver Sable strip and so decided to give me a Spider-Man sample to work on.


After I sent that off, Scott sent along his comments and another sample strip featuring the Vision.


Again, this was sent off, and in return I got more comments and an X-men strip to work on.  Along with that sample, I also asked if it was possible to have a copy of two scripts that were being used as part of the Marvel New Talent Search that was launched at the time.  As the submissions had to be presented in person at a selection of conventions throughout the summer, I wouldn't qualify, but I was interested in what they were giving out, and I wanted to use that as my next sample (assuming they didn't think I was ready for an actual assignment....)


I received both scripts.  One with Thor and another with Wolverine.  I chose the Thor and sent that off.


What I got after that will be included in Part 2.


Coming soon...

Electra (+Daredevil)

Spider-Man + Silver Sable

Spider Man - Marvel Test Script

Vision - "Double Vision" from a 6 page plot

X-Men - Danger Room

Marvel Talent Search 2001 - Thor

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This strip was adapted from a short film that I wrote back in '02/'03 that myself and a few people I knew at the time were looking to make.  Unfortunately it never happened.

Fast forward to about 2008 and I submitted the idea for FutureQuake.  The Editor liked the idea, and wanted a script for 5 pages, but also wanted it set in a futuristic city.  (The original was set in contemporary times)

After I worked on it, I wasn't too happy with it so I kept it back, ready to redraw it when Dave (the Editor) was going to ask for it.

The call never came, so I've kept it on permanent hold.  I have thought about reworking it again, this time giving it a couple of more pages and going back to the original setting.

Your Plastic Girlfriend.